Project Description

The Hawthorn Football Club, nicknamed the Hawks, is a professional Australian rules football club in the Australian Football League (AFL). Established in 1902, it’s one of the largest Australian football clubs with a fan base all around the world.

I have made a promo video for their flexi annual membership. The idea behind the video was to create an atmosphere that to be a true fan of a sports club has many similarities to being a part of a family.

The 2D animated promo video is based on a portrayal of several individual characters, which represent different generations of a single family, but also of Hawthorn Football club fans. The video in the animation follows one family during a match day, while the voiceover explains the values of being a part of a family, with connoatitons that being a fan of the Hawks feels like being a part of a family.

Project Details

AUTHOR(S): Dragan Vejnovic
CLIENT: Client