Project Description

People tend to stick to what they know, and in the pharmaceutical industry things are not so different. The whole brand strategy for Pharmakon Ltd. was created around the premise that people are attracted to companies that share the same values with them.

For the branding process of Pharmakon Ltd. I have tried to identifiy the common values people have with the brand, enhance them, and create emotional connections between the clients and the company. I have achieved that by puting the design at the heart of the branding process.

I have seen the bigger picture, where the people are the final and most important pieces in the healthcare ecosystem. And that’s what I have tried to achieve with the design and brand strategy of Pharmakon. I have tried to make sure that Pharmakon’s relationship with their clients through branding is based on trust and loyalty, and I approached to it with professionalism and courage.

Project Details

AUTHOR(S): Dragan Vejnovic
CLIENT: Client