Project Description

Once upon a time I had a lot of time to do showreels every year. As you wait for better times for me to have more time, enjoy my 2015 showreel. Cherish it because in a couple of years there is a possibility that it becomes a oldtimer classic.

I have tried to keep this showreel short, sharp and sweet (exactly the opposite of my character, ha ha). I think it is safe to say that Dragan Vejnovic’s Showreel starts and ends with my strongest work.

Please don’t get bored to soon and fast forward. No body likes a fastforwarder!

I also think the soundtrack complemented the vision of what I weas trying to achieve with this showreel. So sound ON and enjoy the variety of styles I have used on this selected projects.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: No mediocre work was put into this showreel! Please enjoy it and treasuer it responsibly.

Project Details

AUTHOR(S): Dragan Vejnovic
CLIENT: Client