Project Description

TEENOZOIK was a TV show broadcasted on HRT, Croatian national television. The concept of the show was to find answers teenagers have about life. The answers were adapted to gaming world with which most of the teenagers could identify. In 25 minutes through “5 levels” of games/shows TEENOZOIK found answers to tricky questions for, choose the best books, comics and video games.

The idea behind the graphics and animation process I made was to make a HOW TO animation guide to survive the teenager years. All the technics were made as a homagee to a very popular 90s Croatian show called Briljanteen.

The announcement animation and the entire graphics package were reminiscent of a computer game. Complete jingles between reportages and studio shootings were conceptualized as levels in a game. Also, the guests on the show were graphicly presented as game characters.

Project Details

AUTHOR(S): Dragan Vejnovic
CLIENT: Client